Corian Crafts
(aka B&D Entertainment LLC)

The idea and motivation behind Corian Crafts was pretty simple,
Being creative is something that we love to do, and Corian Crafts is fitting the bill so far. In a nutshell we take scrap solid surface materials left over from kitchen and construction projects and re-purpose them into items like cutting boards, trivets, coasters, signs, plaques, table tops, and who knows what else you may think of. Not only do we save a majority of the scrap from the local landfill, the items we create will last virtually a lifetime.
So with the help of my wife and daughter we purchased this business and are making it a family affair.
Customer Service is a big part of our foundation - we want you to be satisfied with what we create for you. Don't be shy about contacting us directly if you don't see something exactly like you want - it may be it just needs to be created or we haven't got it up for viewing yet!
You can contact us via mail and email if you have any questions at all, want us to help you create that special item or gift, or just want us to give you a ring back!

Corian Crafts

P.O. Box 1425
Snohomish,Wa 98291
Take care and Thank You for checking out!