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Angie W - Custom Inlay Barbara K - "Bless Us" Trivet Carole L - 1 Board and Stand Christina B - Custom board
Angie W - Custom Inlay
Our Price: $50.00
A standard 11x14 with the family name inlaid into the surface.
Thanks Angie for asking us to create this for you!
A whole bunch of trivets with a heartfelt message for Friends & Family.
Thanks Barb - glad I could help!
A custom board with a stand to display it on the counter
Thanks Carole!
A very cool wedding gift - the design replicates the invitations sent out for the blessed event...
Thanks Christina!
Damien J. 20x37.25 Black Desktop Dan M - Sea Ray Trash Cover Denise H - Custom Pastry Board Don S - RV Sink Covers
Don S - RV Sink Covers
Our Price: $105.00
Black Desktop 20x37.25 A replacement trash receptacle cover for a Sea Ray boat
Thanks Dan - glad I could help...!
A pastry board board to match one already owned.
Thanks Denise for working with us!
A set of RV sink covers with custom cutouts for the faucet and handling.
Thanks Don, glad we could help!!
Dwane B - Airstream Sink Covers J.R. M - Beaver Coach Sink Covers Jan H - Family of Paddles Jennifer E - Plaques
Jan H - Family of Paddles
Our Price: $355.00
Jennifer E - Plaques
Our Price: $93.00
A pair of sink covers for a 2003 Airstream Classic 30 trailer.
Thanks Dwane for working with us!
Replacement sink covers that double as cutting boards.
The Beaver inlay is the original design for Beaver Coach.
Thanks J.R. - glad I could help!
Paddle cutting boards for friends and family...
Thanks Jan! It was great working on this with you.
3 retirements plaques for some special employees.
Thanks Jennifer for working with us!
Jennifer S - MB20 Custom Inlay Jennifer S - RV Sink Covers Jo H - 15x20 Custom Board Jo H - 2 Lithophanes
Jo H - 15x20 Custom Board
Our Price: $55.00
Jo H - 2 Lithophanes
Our Price: $250.00
A great gift for that special Matchbox 20 fan - a large board with inlaid material.
Thanks Jennifer for asking us to help!!
Custom sink covers for a new RV.
Thanks Jennifer for working with us!
A custom board with a juice groove and handles.
Thanks Jo for coming back for more!
Two Lithophanes created from cherished photos.
Thank you Jo...
Jo H - Lithophane of Rubio John T - Custom Tray for Counter Top Judy W - 5 Boards w/ Stands Julie H
Jo H - Lithophane of Rubio
Our Price: $125.00
Julie H
Our Price: $85.00
A memorial display for a beautiful cat named Rubio.
Thanks Jo for asking us to make you another lithophane!
A custom tray for the counter top to contain spills in a small area.
Thanks John for working with us!
A variety of boards, including 2 with inlays, for Christmas gifts.
Thanks Judy for working with us!
New Sink Covers for an RV
Thanks Julie for working with us!
Kim A - Board for Counter Slot Langford Yard Sign Lionel T - Custom Drain board Lisa Y - Hedgehog & Labrador
Langford Yard Sign
Our Price: $120.00
A cutting board that will slip into a slot in the cabinets.
Thanks Kim for working with us!
The bottom sign hangs from the upper sign between two posts.
Thanks Deanna!
A large drain board that fits over the sink.
Thanks Lionel for asking us to help you!
A Labrador and Hedgehog.
Thanks again Lisa for another order!
Lisa Y - Menagerie Lisa Z - Pair of RV Sink Cutting Boards Maple leaf & Pig Custom Order Mark R.
Lisa Y - Menagerie
Our Price: $210.00
Mark R.
Our Price: $320.00
A Lemur, Labrador, Sloth, and Hedgehog for some medical students
Thanks Lisa for working with us!
Great working with you - Thanks Lisa! A awesome order. Thank you!! 4 Custom cut pieces of corian
Thx for the order
Martha Michael D - Custom Shower Seat Michelle K - House sign for a gate Paula S
Our Price: $40.00
Paula S
Our Price: $75.00
Martha, Thank You for your order A new shower seat to replace a broken one.
Thanks Michael for working with us!
A house sign with inlaid numbers and border.
Thanks Michelle for working with us!
A special gift for Mom with an inlay pattern matching her dishes.

Thanks Paula !!
Paula S - Polo T-Shirt Paula S - Van Halen Guitar Rich H- Custom Shower Shelves Scott M - #810 Sink Cover
Paula S - Polo T-Shirt
Our Price: $80.00
Paula S - Van Halen Guitar
Our Price: $250.00
Scott M - #810 Sink Cover
Our Price: $60.00
Another unique gift for a family friend...
Thanks again Paula for another order!!
A cutting board built to replicate the guitar of Eddie Van Halen
Thanks again Paula for another order!!
A pair of shelves the are going to be inserted into a custom niche built into the shower wall.
Thanks Rich!
This will be a cover for a #810 Corian sink from DuPont. It will be used when working at the vanity that has very little surface space.
Thanks Scott - I really liked working with you on this!
Shelly W - Stove Cover for Boat Sink Cover for Airstream Tom D - Airstream Sink Covers
Sink Cover for Airstream
Our Price: $80.00
A large board with legs that will sit over a smooth-top stove on the boat - this will create more counter space for working.
Thanks Shelly for working with us!
An 18" sink cover with a lip that holds it in place.
Thanks you for your order!
A pair of sink covers for a 1991 Excella Airstream trailer.
Thanks Tom for working with us!