Care & Cleaning

Corian and other Solid Surfaces
What are they?
Unlike wood, glass, plastic laminates or gel-coated cultured marble that can be easily damaged, our cutting boards are a man-made solid surface material. The color and pattern continue through the depth of the material. They have a luxurious elegance but are tough and stain resistant. The non-porous solid construction helps avoid the effects of time and hard use with nothing more than day-to-day cleaning.
What are the benefits of solid surface cutting boards?
 Easy to care for and keep looking new
 Durable and able to withstand the most stubborn stains
 Easy to repair if accidentally cut or marred
 Non-porous so there is less worry about germs and bacteria
 Dishwasher safe
 Can be used as a cold serving tray after refrigeration
Can I cut directly on them?
Absolutely! If they are cut or marred, don’t worry. Light marks can usually be polished away with a Scotch-Brite pad, Brillo pad, or synthetic steel wool (000). Deeper knife marks can easily be removed with a random orbital sander using 180 grit followed by 320 grit (that is how we finish them). We recommend that you do not use an electric knife on your board.
Can I use the solid surface cutting board as a hot pad?
Yes, although it is suggested that for very extreme temperatures you place a hot pad between your pan and the board.
What care is recommended?
For day-to-day care, just wash with normal soap/dish detergent and dry. The cutting boards are also dishwasher safe because we use feet made of high quality rubber similar to the gasket for your dishwasher, and we fasten them with stainless steel screws.
What should I avoid?
Even solid surface cutting boards can be damaged by certain strong household chemicals. Be sure to wipe up spills and flush with water immediately. Do not allow contact with liquids such as paint remover, paint brush cleaner, nail polish and nail polish remover, acid or other such substances.